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Newsletter 12-16-17

Thank you for receiving these musings,

some philosophical, some mystical, some maybe even a-musing.

Hello, fellow readers and writers. Here I am musing again. This time about the last month or so of writerly activity. Yes. I am writing, still crafting Sammy's story for Cast in Stone. I have a team of Beta Readers ready to read and report - just need to get the manuscript in their hands. *Big Sigh* Amost there.

Please see a Cast in Stone teaser excerpt at the end of today's brief, maybe spectacular, newsy missive.

First, if time allows in this busy time of the year, can you vote for one of my covers? - a Kristallynn Designs design for Rolynn Anderson who writes terrific suspenseful romance. After you vote, you may wish to read Cezanne's Ghost.

It's great that the editors of InD'Tale Magazine chose this as one of their faves because the magazine is graphically beautiful and the editors only advance those covers that have merit. BUT, now it's up to the power of those friends and colleagues that Rolynn and I inspire to vote for us :-).

One must subscribe to the magazine, but it is easy to unsubscribe after if you don't want yet another email ding. I really like looking at this e-zine, though, and if you are a writer, you might chose to keep receiving it. It truly is lovely, and the info for Indie pubbers is timely and very helpful. If you are a reader only, you will find lots of self-pubbed books of high quality to read!!

The deadline is this next Monday, December 18th at Midnight!!


Here is the back cover Blurb for Cezanne's Ghost.

See? Suspense and Romance. Great Holiday Read

Three young American women vanish in Aix-en-Provence, France.

The FBI suspects their American tour guide.

Leon Beaudet, formerly a U.S. Olympic wrestler, is proud of his five-star guide business, but when tourists disappear on his watch, the FBI dredges up a violent episode in Leon’s past and tap him for the crime. Worse, his new tour group includes Aline Kerig, who is as beautiful and carefree as the three missing women. Leon is fascinated and puzzled by Aline even while he fears for her safety. She refuses to go back to the States, forcing the FBI and local police to involve her in the hunt.

With the French tourist industry about to collapse and Leon as a prime suspect, how does he protect Aline and find his lost tourists?

“If you like an interesting cast of characters, a heavy dose of mystery, and a lot of fabulous surprises, you’ll be happily turning pages late into the night.” -Brenda Novak, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author, reviewing SWOON by Rolynn Anderson


Last Saturday I participated in a book signing for The Greatest Anthology Written - the one that I've been heralding that is going for the Guinness World Record for the most authors in an anthology. There are 108 of us - and the 'us' is Me, Molly Neely, Oz Monroe and Godfrey Coppinger. It was fun sitting with them and talking about our short stories included in the ponderous tome! BTW, We represent California, USA with other writers from 12 other countries.

That's Oz Monroe to my left and Godfrey Coppinger to my other left. Godfrey writes children's book and is an accomplished illustrator. Oz is an incredible writer. I just finished his book Soil Man. If you like horror with a capital "H", read this book. It will surprise you, terrify you a little, and amaze you with his writing.

Not pictured is Molly Neely. Her book The Sand Dweller is an historical speculative fiction. I highly recommend this book, also.

Really, do we have talented writers in the San Joaquin or do we have talented writers? (those are your choices :-)

How did the book signing go? Well, like most, not as many people as we hoped, but we did sell $140 worth of books and we are so happy that all the proceeds were donated to Elder Dog Rescue.

If anyone in my area would like to purchase the anthology I will donate the amount to that rescue. I have two books left. Contact me by email

You can order the book at Amazon. This order will help us reach the 1000 books sold so we can get our names in the Guinness World Record book!! 500 of those books can be E-books.


More stuff for the Newsletter!

1. Another book signing! It happened November 9th at the Yosemite Lakes Park Boutique. We were the first writers to show and tell and sell at this well-attended event. And we get to go back next year. Sandra Masters at far left organized us all. She is so good at that.

THANK YOU, Sandra. I sold all the books I brought. That was amazing.

The others are - from left to right - Cora Ramos, Linda Kane, Me, and Vicki Thomas. Not only did we sell books, but we bought stuff! I got peach and pomegranate jelly! I wanted this cute hat I could see from my table, but some darned person bought it before I could get over there! ;-(

2. On the Dark Rose Authors Speculative Fiction Writers website:

New Short Stories - SHORT STORIES and two FLASH FICTION from last month.

And three of us have new books out!!

Tierney James,

Roh Morgon and

L. Lee Kane

Check out the announcements on the DARK ROSE page and visit the Newsy Rose for cover reveals and ORDER HERE links!

Now the Excerpt!!

Cast in Stone, Book Two of the Sunset Canyon Series

Cast in Stone begins a few hours before the The Rescue. The magic of Sunset Canyon is building because this is the night of the Ghost Moon. Explosive energies inside the canyon reach out and wake Alan Brandt with a slice of pain. His connection to the canyon and the effects that linger after this day and the night looming ahead, will have repercussions for Alan. Can he truly protect Darcy and Sammy from the Curse of Sunset Canyon?


Chapter 2

Across the expanse of rolling desert terrain, Stone Walker reached out…

A flash of pain woke Alan Brandt from a deep sleep. He took in a sharp breath and put a hand over an ache inside his chest that radiated into his shoulders and arms. What the hell was that?

He couldn’t get enough air. He took several deep breaths, and then a few more to finally push back the sensation of suffocating. His eyes were open, but he couldn’t focus through the fog of sleep. Moments passed as he concentrated on bringing himself into the moment and realized that he hadn’t been sleeping at all. He’d been on a meditative journey into Sunset Canyon. In this sleep-vision, he moved through the winding, steep gorge like a floating feather on a hot desert breeze, pulled forward on the whispers of truth.

Then something happened just before the vision broke. A force or a wave of energy shook the canyon and for a second something caused him physical pain. He sat up and put his hands over his face. Truth. The truth he sought was about himself, but what he’d just seen in a near-trance state was about Deanna Peel, who had been missing in the canyon for three months. Perfect, he thought. Today, he and Deanna’s sister, Darcy, had plans to go into the canyon to find her. Into the haunted canyon, that he knew was dangerous—from all the stories and accounts of missing persons.

But, also because he just knew.

The truth hit him square in the chest this morning.

He slipped out from under the sheet that was half on the bed and half off. He let his gaze caress Darcy’s warm, half-naked body in the light of a red dawning sky. It filtered in through the blinds on the small windows of the RV like pink-colored smoke. A thin sheet covered her from the waist down. One arm curved over her head, the other out to her side where a second ago her hand had touched his hip. His movement off the bed seemed to waken her, but she sighed and visibly relaxed. Her eyes remained closed.

Alan smiled. She was exhausted.

Their night together affected him, too. But he was not tired, not fatigued from hours of love-making, but invigorated in every cell of his body.

Oh, yeah, Alan thought. Every fiber of his being was alive with a crazy mixture of sexual desire, happiness, and a heightened awareness of himself and the physical surroundings. Again he rubbed across the pain under his pects—a pressure like a hand squeezing his ribcage—and acknowledged that there was also a sense of wariness, a soldier’s alertness. He was more awake than he’d been since his tour in Afghanistan. All his instincts, all his desires were on active duty. His eyes focused back on Darcy. She was the source of this. Since she’d come back to Dry Creek, he had become more and more aware of…everything.


Next year, I'm going to order THIS Christmas Tree!!! It's perfect, don't you think?

Oh well, now, I must carry on as the Resident Christmas Elf. There are no presents under my ordinary Christmas tree, yet!!

Thank you, everyone, for reading my Newsletter.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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