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Contest Winner - Early Holiday Sale - Thank You Gifts for All

Thank you for receiving this Newsy Missive,

some philosophical, some mystical, some maybe even a-musing.

Hello Everyone!

*A Short and Sweet Musings Update.

*Thank you Gifts for All.

*Some Christmas Stories you should check out this season. (My recommendations)

October's Contest Winner is...

JoAnne Lucas wins the "Writers/Readers & Coffee & Tea Drinkers Bracelet" and a $15 Amazon Gift Card to buy more books! Or, whatever desired :-) Thank you, JoAnne and all the others who entered the contest.

The entries were many, but small enough to send each a small gift by regular mail.

**Those who entered with receipt and didn't also include your address, (or if you have purchased and now wish to send in by this Monday:-)) please email me again at and provide a U.S. address. Look for a card and a little thank you in your mailbox soon. **

(-: If you can, please leave an Amazon review. We authors really need reviews :-)

A Short and Sweet Review of The Nora Pigeon Mysteries is featured in Kings River Life magazine this weekend.

Thank you KRL for this local exposure for Nora, especially nice because the stories borrow settings from the San Joaquin Valley. The next Nora mystery centers on a location on the Kings River - An intriguing little spot called Cricket Hollow!

Kings River Life review:

The Nora Pigeon Mysteries is available starting on Saturday, 11-23 and running for the next week for just 99 cents!

Coming Soon:

A Most Curious Conundrum at Cricket Hollow

Three satisfying Christmas tales from three great authors that I'm reading this Holiday.

The Duke's Christmas Promise

by Sandra Masters

A great Christmas story of love winning against imposing odds and misunderstandings.

Available on Amazon

Christmas in Love

Romance Anthology by Kim Hornsby

"It's exactly what I want this time of year; lots of love and happy endings!" Amazon review.

Available on Amazon

The Knight Before Chaos

by Tierney James

Suspenseful AND Hilarious Christmas Tale -

Special Forces Captain babysits three children on Christmas Eve.

What could go wrong?

Available on Amazon

To wrap up these November Musings, a quick look at the montage I am working on to resurrect the picture that I broke. I've added two more images of plants that I'm researching. They are used to make the dyes for wool yarn used in Navajo rugs. Awatobi Racine, a character in Cast in Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa spent a summer with her Nali (grandmother) on the Navajo Reservation and learned the lore and songs that accompany the weaving ceremony. (The sad condition of my once beautiful picture with dried flowers is below.) I added Purple Bee Plant and Wild Buckwheat. All of these plants have medicinal and/or poisonous qualities that may be used in my next book- Hearts of Stone: Truth at Sunrise Ridge :-)

One doomed archaeological dig site PLUS

One tall cowboy with all its secrets


One stubborn archaeologist determined to have those secrets (and not fall for the handsome cowboy)


An ancient past too dangerous to be uncovered.

For Love of Cozies -

"An amateur sleuth" and "A quirky supporting cast."

The Nora Pigeon Mysteries

is available on Amazon

The series will continue with

an upcoming novella:

A Most Curious Conundrum

in Cricket Hollow

Solving Crime one Tale Wag

and Tarot Card at a time!

Short Stories Brewed Just Right

for that well-deserved break with

a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

(or margarita...)


Happy Trails, everyone.

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Native Flute

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