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Shelter in Place with Those who Haunt Sunset Canyon ~ 99¢ and Gifts

Thank you for receiving these musings,

some philosophical, some mystical, some maybe even a-musing.


Oh, my gosh! Time is running out.

Only a few more days left in St. Patrick's month to announce

three special things.

1. The Canyon Series is on sale today and tomorrow!

2. Those who purchase any of my books until April 15th will receive a wee tiny gift while supplies last (see below.)

3. A raffle for two Special Gift Packages randomly chosen from reviewers who leave a review of any of my books (see below.)

Blood Stones and Cast in Stone

are available for 99 Cents EACH until Saturday midnight.

Read reviews below.

Some of the characters in the series have had to "Shelter in Place"

for centuries...

Thus the mystery of the Canyon and the Secret of New Moon Mesa is a perfect story to read. Mystery, Native Indian myths, and Romance in an intriguing hidden world.

Over the month of March, there were a couple of writer events and I have TWO gift bags with the items listed below, and 8 themed zipper pulls (coffee, tea and writer charms) left over to give away. Fun to make and put together to sell -

and now fun to give away.


5-Star Amazon Review of Coffee-Sized Stories and TeaTime Tales:

"I love this book. More than that I loved the way it made me feel when reading it. I took the book’s advice and got cozy before I started reading this weekend. Each morning I started with a warm cup of coffee and started to read and relax.

Krista Lynn has such a way of creating characters. Simon, Carrie, Darcy Peel and Samuel Dancing Eagle Feather are some of my favorites. This was an amazing read from the intro’s to the quotes to the creative stories. Krista Lynn has a way with words!!"

5-Star Amazon Review of Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon:

"Great story! The characters pull you into their world on page one. When Darcy returns home to look for her sister missing somewhere in Sunset Canyon, she finds a handsome and strange deputy on day one who sparks her imagination—with actual sparks of the physical kind. And so the strange events begin and never let up as we follow Darcy and Alan into the canyon. Tales of magical incidents, strange sightings and deaths keep most people away—except those hungry for gold—or those looking for their missing loved ones. You will love this adventure."

5-Star Amazon Review of Cast in Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa:

"This is essentially Sam's story with a whole new take on the mystical occurrences in the Canyon and his voice is an interesting one as Darcy's adult nephew destined to unravel the secrets of Sunset Canyon and his families fascination with the history of the area. Lynn writes beautifully, making us believe we are actually there, experiencing the supernatural, the romance, the beauty of the Canyon as she weaves more mystery into Book 2 and ties in the questions of Book 1. With a satisfying ending, the book is a great read if you have any interest in Native American Folklore and Spirituality. What if there is more to our existence than what science tells us? This book explores that question with a nice dose of romance."

If you'd like to enter to win a gift bag, please send me an email about your review until April 15th on Amazon.

Send receipt for a purchase to get a present. Really appreciate your support.

The Perfect Formula for Cast in Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa

One doomed archaeological dig site +

One tall cowboy with all its secrets +

One stubborn archaeologist determined to have those secrets (and not fall for the handsome cowboy) =

An ancient past too dangerous to be uncovered.

And don't forget Nora

Review from Amazon!

"I am a Nora Pigeon fan. I so enjoyed these delightful, entertaining, and intriguing short stories. Being a bit of a "dabbler" myself, I was so excited to see that Nora used the Tarot, Runes, and the "Talking Board" to help her hunky nephew, Thomas, solve his crime cases. Krista Lynn is a great writer and really painted pictures for me with her words. Loved the book. Want more. "

Happy Trails, Everyone.

Stay Safe


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