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The spell of the canyon, like a spider's web, holds two families in the interweaving strands of two quests - 
one for gold, the other for answers.
Where will you and I sleep?
      At the downturned ragged edge
            of the sky, you and I will sleep
                                   Wintu Indian Song

Love, Nor Fear Requires a Beating Heart

When Darcy Peel went away to graduate school, she thought never to return to her girlhood home.  For twenty years she believes she has escaped the nightmare of living in the shadow of Prospector's Mountain and the strange and dangerous 'power' of Sunset Canyon that cuts through it.  She purposefully built emotional and physical distance between herself and  the small, high desert community where myths of ghost warriors that guard  the Lost Blood Stones Mine collide with reality when every prospector looking for gold in the canyon narrowly escapes with his life. Or never returns. Like her father and brother.

Darcy comes home to find Deanna. She follows her intuition that the persistent dream-visions of the girl in the cave are tied to her sister's disappearance. The trail leads to Alan Brandt. He is related to the McCann family, who for years has been in a heated feud with the Peels over mining rights. Trust is an issue, but when he touches her, he touches her heart, her life and her future. Darcy must learn to believe in Alan even when a supernatural connection between him and the mystery of the canyon is slowly revealed.  He is the only one who can 'read' the strange little book.  


Is he human? If so, will he help her in her quest for answers to her sister's disappearance despite the seething animosity between the two families?  If Alan is something other than human, is he a mortal danger to her? Are Darcy's intelligence and intuition, at constant war with her heart, the only things she can rely on? Or can she trust her feelings and rely on love?


Blood Stones  -  Book One



Visit again the haunted

“Canyon that Sees the Sun” in Book 2,

Cast in Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa.


Join Sammy Peel, as he braves "the curse"of Sunset Canyon to

search for his aunt. He enters the mysterious red rock landscape

on the night of a super new moon called the Ghost Moon.


This moon is seen only  four times a century on the Vernal Equinox

and possesses a powerful magic for one who haunts the canyon.  Sam barely 

escapes with his life and finds that everything is forever changed by the experience.


Will his quest to find his aunt and answers about the strange energy that seems to enclose the mountain in a stronghold of magic be fulfilled? Will the love he feels for the beautiful archaeologist, Tobi Racine, who may only be interested in him for  his family’s knowledge of an ancient Indian settlement, lead him back into the canyon and the very real danger from the entities who dwell there, and the truth of his own connection to them?

How close is 

the New Moon?

Cast in Stone
The Sunset Canyon Series
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Four Times in a Century, A Ghost Moon Rises



   "Her eyesight faded while outside the cave the shape of Prospector’s Mountain scraped the skyline and covered the canyon in shadow. The soft pressure of his lips lingered on her ear - this gift of pleasure her last human sensation.

    “Emm-ma-line," he whispered. "There is one thing I can do.”

    The timbre of his voice, the voice she loved, soaked into her waning consciousness. His words receded with her into the dark void and replaced the beat of her heart.

  “Stay with me..."

                                                            1911, Sunset Canyon

Cast in Stone  -  Book Two
Coming Soon

The Haunting of Sunset Canyon

The Secret of New Moon Mesa

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