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Where will you and I sleep?
      At the downturned ragged edge
            of the sky, you and I will sleep
                                   Wintu Indian Song

Stories of suspense, mystery,

                and the supernatural

The spell of the canyon holds two families in the interweaving strands of two quests - one for gold, the other for answers to an ancient curse.

The Sunset Canyon Series

Supernatural Romantic Suspense

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Coffee-sized Stories
and TeaTime Tales

"Lynn writes like a woman who knows the canyons, mesas and foothills of Arizona as well as someone who knows her way around the Native myths and stories. Her descriptions are lush and powerfully written, making this reader want to catch the next plane to Arizona and go tromping around the red rock landscape in search of such beauty. For a first book, Blood Stones is an exceptional beginning. was a pleasure to hunker down every night to read this book. The advantage to a longer novel, like Blood Stones is that you really get to know the characters well and if it's written with talent by the time you finish the book, you miss the characters who've kept you company for the last 10 days. Such is the case with Blood Stones and I'm looking forward to the next novel in this fascinating series."

                             Reviewed by Kimmie's Korner Reviews

Five-Star Review

Fall 2020

Read more about the mystery of

Sunset Canyon


Stories of Cozy Mystery, Suspense, the Supernatural...and Romance



Excerpt from 5-Star Verified Amazon Review

October 14, 2019

Format: Paperback

"I love this book.  More than that I loved the way it made me feel when reading it.  I took the book’s advice and got cozy before I started reading this weekend.  Each morning I started with a warm cup of coffee and started to read and relax.

Krista Lynn has such a way of creating characters.  Simon, Carrie, Darcy Peel and Samuel Dancing Eagle Feather are some of my favorites.

This was an amazing read from the intro’s to the quotes to the creative stories." 


"Nora Pigeon is my new fav amateur sleuth. Her interaction with the locals kept a smile on my face and wondering where the mystery would lead me."

                 Tierney James, author of the Enigma Series

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Five-Star Review


Solving Crime One Tail Wag

And Tarot Card at a Time

Tail Wags and Tarot Cards Series

With the help of her human and canine friends, Nora Pigeon uses her psychic abilities to help law enforcement

            ...whether they want it or not!


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A Nora Pigeon Novella

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