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It's All About the Story

I LOVE to read.

Romance, women's fiction, mystery, sci fi, history.

You name it, I'm a fan.



The worlds in those books were no more enchanting and exciting than the beauty and mystery of the desert around me. The one-room school house sitting proudly amongst Palo Verde trees and Saquaro cacti is still vivid when I recall time spent there. I can open the memory and read it like a beloved  book, so indelibly written is it into mind - and spirit.

Blood Stones Interview

with David Binder

Central Valley Talk
Interview about Blood Stones

The Sunset Canyon Series

Supernatural Romantic Suspense

Where will you and I sleep?
      At the downturned ragged edge
            of the sky, you and I will sleep
                                   Wintu Indian Song

 I grew up on a small gold mine claim in Arizona where my dearest friends were dogs, goats,

my mom       -  and books.

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Fall 2022

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