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Win BIG when you ride into Big Country this summer with 13 terrific stories and a chance at a BIG gi

Thank you for receiving these musings,

some philosophical, some mystical, some maybe even a-musing.


Good Day, Everyone!

Welcome to the first of Three Special Shout Outs for Tales From Big County

to highlight the Thirteen Western Stories in the Boxed Set.

What a great ensemble that tell stories of the old and new west - the traditional, the romantic and even the supernatural.

A wild ride all the way across the American Southwest.

A wonderful opportunity to help the wild horses of the West.

The Thirteen Stories Boxed Set for only 99¢

In August, 2019, a Western Stories boxed

set will be available and partial proceeds go to wild horse rescue.

Check out Giveaway Entry Instructions below!

The second book in the Sunset Canyon Series, Cast in Stone, The Secret of New Moon Mesa will be part of the set (yay!) I'm very happy and honored to have my book as part of this charity effort for wild horses.

More on my new book below!

Following is a quick look at four of the books in Tales From Big Country. A whole summer of western sunrises and sunsets, terrific plots and compelling characters - starting with Award-winning Tierney James.

Tierney James - Turnback Creek

Henry Boxx wore the reputation of a mean

scoundrel like a badge of honor.

When it came to getting what he wanted. One of those things was the land that ran along Turnback Creek belonging to the Holt family. The only way to get such a prize was to make sure they met with an untimely death. Believing their small boy was away from home, he never bothered to tie up that one loose end. The day came when a lawman showed up, bent on taking back what was rightfully his, and bringing the man to justice who killed his parents.


Kwen Griffeth - Footprints of My Father -

Memoir of Lucas Bartholomew Cardiff

At the close of the 1800’s the son of a legendary “old west” Marshall comes of age and tries to learn about his father.


C. Wayne Winkle - Last Chance to Live

What does a retired Deputy U.S. Marshal do when a friend needs his help in Dakota Territory in 1874?

He recruits a cadre of former lawmen and outlaws to help that friend. On the way, he has to avoid a nemesis who is following him and seeking to kill him. All, so he and the others have a last chance to live – or die trying!


Eric Gardner - Shifters

A lone Cavalry Officer catches a terrifying glimpse of the horrors coming...

...horrors that can destroy everything he holds dear. What can one man do to derail the monstrous abominations about to befall the land he loves? He can fight... and fight he does!

Next week, the skinny on five more books

in Tales From Big Country!

IN the meantime, enter the BIG Giveaway.

To enter, send proof of preorder (screenshot or email from retailer) to with PRIZE ENTRY in the subject line. Include your name, email address, and phone number.

Krista Lynn - Cast in Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa (Book Two of the Sunset Canyon Series)

Sammy Peel enters the mysterious red rock landscape on the night of a super new moon called the Ghost Moon in Indian legion.

He braves "the curse" of Sunset Canyon to search for his aunt.

This moon is seen only four times a century on the Vernal Equinox and possesses a powerful magic for one who haunts the canyon. Sam barely escapes with his life and finds that everything is forever changed by the experience. Will his quest to find his aunt, and answers about the strange energy that seems to enclose the mountain in a stronghold of magic, be fulfilled? Will the love he feels for the beautiful archaeologist, Tobi Racine, who may only be interested in him for his family’s knowledge of an ancient Indian settlement, lead him back into the canyon and the very real danger from the entities who dwell there, and the truth of his own connection to them?

Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon (Book One of the Sunset Canyon Series)

My favorite "elevator" pitch:

One woman scientist+

One mysterious deputy sheriff+

One haunted canyon=

More puzzling clues than science can unravel.

Available on

******Crazy for Cozies********************

Nora Pigeon and her crew of quirky friends -

Solving Crime one Tail Wag and Tarot Card at a Time.

Until next time - Happy Trails!

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